The Haute Vienne

Gîte de la Fermette is situated in the department La Haute Vienne in France. La Haute Vienne is one of the three departments in the Limousn, next to Creuse and Corrèze. South of La Haute Vienne are the parks Regional Perigord- Limousin and Millevache en Limousin.

At the north side, Cros shares a border with Park Naturel Regional de la Brenne. This area is famous als the heart of La France. It is very spacious and quiet. Even complete silence can be found. There’s a rich history to find, architecture and art are available in the various Roman religious buildings, castles and medieval cities. Also there is a rich tradition in porcelain and leatherworking.

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Various places to visit

There are various nice villages and cities to visit. At the page ‘Surrounding Areas’ you will find more information about these places using the local VVV links.

Magnac Laval, Le Dorat, Bellac, Oradour s-Glane, Mortremart, Montrol Senard, Chateauponsac, Limoges, Montmorrillon, La Souterraine, St Benoît du Sault, Les Herolles. These are some examples of villages and cities nearby.

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