Surrounding Areas

There are many places to visit in the area.

The Gîte de la Fermette is situated on the edge of the picturesque and interesting small town of Magnac Laval. For more information please look at the Tourist Office ( VVV ) of Magnac-Laval or at France Voyage.

The historic town of Le Dorat is located just 7 kms west of Magnac Laval and is steeped in history, clear influences from the Roman period can be found. For more information about Le Dorat you can click here.

Bellac is the main town in the area, located a short drive south of Magnac Laval. It is the second most important town of the Haute Vienne after Limoges. Limoges is the principle city of the Haute Vienne and the province of The Limousin. Limoges is only a forty-five minute drive from Magnac Laval and a definite “must go to”.

In Les Herolles a nearby village, every 29th of the month, is the famous market. This is the largest outdoor market in France. However, when the 29th falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the market will be moved to the next day. Other ‘must go to’s‘  are  Chateauponsac , Oradour s-Glane, Mortremart and nearby Montrol Senard, Montmorrillon, La Souterraine and St Benoît du Sault.

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